Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Something New

Hello to the Vinton -Shellsburg Class of 2001! We hope everyone is doing well!

I thought we would try a blog to see if we can reach all of our classmates and have a great turnout to our 15 year Class Reunion, can you believe it will be here so soon! We have about 3 years to plan it and we would love to get started early!

At the end of our 10 year class reunion, we currently have $74.50 in our class fund, with this amount in our account, we are not able to do much. The reason i am telling you about this, is we use this fund for the following reasons,
  • If we were to have a unfortunate death of a classmate or classmates spouse or child, we like to send a plant, card with condolences from our class to the family.  
  • It is also used to put towards deposits or rental deposits of locations for future class reunions.
  • At our 10 year reunion we spoke about  having a tree planted or something planted for the classmates we have lost, maybe you have other suggestions on what we can do to honor them?
We will also be adding a paypal link that will have a direct deposit into our class checking account. You will be able to donate to the class fund if you would like and you will also hopefully be able to pay for the fees for our next class reunion on that paypal account instead of sending checks to the designated person!

Please leave comments after this post if you have suggestions or if you have any news, or would like us to send out a prayer requests or anything else you would like to be shared and we can then make it a post. Also if you would like to have something posted on here please email me by clicking here, We will then post  to the blog as soon as we can!

We hope everyone is going well and we also hope you are looking forward to Spring!

Stay tuned for more information!

P.S. Also email us with any classmates information that you might have, if that person does not have facebook and if you can please forward them the link to this blog!